Ron Wissenburg

Ron his main experience is redesigning and implementation of the changes in supply chain processes and organization by leveraging IT solutions. He started his career in consulting at Deloitte where he supported business transformations with SAP in various industries. He Joined Alstom Power in March 2010 which in 2016 Alstom became General Electric. At Alstom/GE he had various IT leadership roles and the past 3 years he has been working on driving Digital Technology programs within EHS for Gas Power.

Maeve O’Loughlin

Maeve O'Loughlin is a Senior Corporate Safety professional with A.P Moller Maersk Safety & Resilience Team. She is a chartered safety practitioner (CMIOSH) and having worked as an academic in the UK before re-joining industry in 2019, her research interest and expertise focuses on adaptive and resilient organisational performance in response to safety and social sustainability challenges. Maeve developed and led the IOSH PIPER Initiative connecting academic research capability to industry partners and she is a member of the IOSH Performance and Development Committee. Maeve worked in consulting and manufacturing settings in the built environment sector and high-risk industries prior to leaving Ireland in 2012.

Adriano Corrêa

Adriano Corrêa is an Engineer specialized on Environment, Health & Safety with a Master graduation in Industrial Safety and Environment, with 20 years of experience in various industrial sectors. He has an extensive experience in EHS management through industrial EHS consulting as well as large industry groups in key management positions influencing on EHS risk management and safety culture improvement. Currently Adriano is responsible for main Health and Safety projects in food & beverage industry.

Gunnar Henschel

Gunnar Henschel is an Industrial Engineer with more than 20 years of operational experience in the label-printing and packaging industry. Coming from quality management, he has a special focus on continuous improvement and relies on strengthening a solution-oriented culture as well as introducing new technologies that support people in their work. He joined the All4Labels Group in 2006 where he was leading several cross-functional teams and supported change and transformational programs on site- and at corporate level. Since 2019 he is leading the development and implementation of the global Safety, Health, Environment program across the company as well as supporting the group’s ESG agenda.

Stephanie Haines

Stephanie Haines is the Senior Leader of Subscriber Development at Benchmark Digital Partners. She has worked in the field of EHS and Sustainability for over 10 years. She started her early career as a lobbyist, representing UK industry views on waste policy before focusing on management systems and EHS software over the last few years. She joined Benchmark Digital early in 2019, based in their London office to help grow their subscribers in Europe, as well as enhance their presence as a sustainability software vendor. She runs the Benchmark ESG customer working group to drive their product innovation in sustainability and recently earned a Masters at Cambridge University in Sustainable Business Leadership.

Pier Giuseppe Dal Farra

Pier Giuseppe Dal Farra has more than 30 years of experience in the industrial and telco business. In his professional career, Pier Giuseppe served as COO for a leading robotics company and cofounded three start-ups which pioneered the deployment of IoT in the energy vertical sector, the encoding and distribution of digital video and the data processing.
At Orange Business, Pier Giuseppe supports his customers in the adoption of best of breed solutions to enhance their industrial performance and competitivity.

Filip Rasmussen

Filip Rasmussen is an expert in leader within Occupational Health and Safety. After 16 years of military services he joined in 2008 the civilian market within the wind industry at one of the marked leading developers, where he have worked in various positions across design, manufacturing, construction, commissioning and service leading global EHS departments. After 14 years in wind he have now in 2022 joined the industry of fast moving consumer goods with Arla Foods.

Angelo Cianfrocco

Angelo is a certified safety professional and a health and safety product manager at Intelex. He has over a decade of experience in the environmental, health and safety field. Prior to becoming a product manager, Angelo held many roles across a variety of EHS disciplines, including a consultant, senior EHS manager, corporate EHS data analyst and most recently as a process improvement leader.

Throughout his career, Angelo has worked with internal and external stakeholders to help them implement, manage and realize the true value of their EHS management systems. His chief interest is helping EHS professionals enhance data collection processes to find better ways to leverage their data to improve safety culture with the ultimate mission of eliminating death on the job by 2050.

Jack de Graaf

Joined TEVA since 01MAR18 and responsible for EHS Europe TGO (20+ locations) and Commercial (30+ locations), Global EHS Business partner business for Solids manufacturing, Biologics and Supply Chain locations (35+ locations). 30+ years of experience in pharmaceutical industry of which 20+ years in EHS and 10 years in R&D (Lab and Clinics) and Operations (Pilot Plant). Worked at Johnson&Johnson, University and Applied Biosystems (Thermo Fisher). Background in Chemistry, Business Administration and Occupational Safety

Remy D.J. Wierenga

Remy Wierenga (8-4-1968) worked for General Electric, Archer Daniels Midland, Eaton and WestRock in a corporate Health, Safety and Environment role. In his current role he is Global Director Safety for Refresco. In that role Remy is responsible for restructuring the Health and Safety management system, implementing a new information system and supporting the adaptation of Human and Organizational Performance as operating philosophy for the Health & Safety program.

Mrs. Martina Loidl

After successfully completing her bachelor's degree in applied electronics and her master's degree in safety and systems engineering, Martina Loidl is now preparing to hand over the company. In addition to the technical core themes, she deals in particular with the topic of "safety culture in companies".

Mr. Christian Loidl

Christian Loidl founded the company TeLo in 1994 with the focus on "services in technical law". As a generally sworn and judicially certified expert as well as auditor of accredited laboratories, he gained his technical knowledge nationally as well as internationally in various industries, which he now teaches at the FH Campus Vienna. Christian Loidl is chairman of the Austrian as well as Austrian representative in the international committee for machine safety.

Joriene Beks

Joriene Beks studied Business Administration and majored in Strategic Management. In the role of consultant/coach/interim, she has guided organizations in developing self-learning capabilities for almost 20 years.
Joriene is the author of two bestsellers on psychological safety. She inspires, trains and coaches on this topic, and always always encourages people to take action.She does this in a humorous and down-to-earth way. Her mission is for all employees to experience being heard and seen, as well as making a positive contribution to the bigger picture.
In addition, Joriene became a finalist for best learning company in the Netherlands in 2019. Her heart goes out to vulnerable VMBO/MBO youngsters. She has set up a foundation with the mission that every young person learns that the past does not have to determine the future.

Chris Poole

Chris Poole serves as the Director of Client Development for EMEA clients. Chris has a track record of delivering tailored, high-quality operational excellence programs. He's an expert in all aspects of policy deployment, leadership development, organizational alignment, and focused problem-solving methodologies.Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Technology and Management Sciences from the University of Bradford and is a certified Change Management Practitioner, Master Black Belt, and TPM Instructor.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Thiede

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Thiede is a full professor of Manufacturing Systems at the University of Twente within the Department of Design, Production and Management. Prof. Thiede is interested in innovative technologies, methods and tools related to the planning and operation of manufacturing systems/factories. Thereby, the technical and economic performance but also environmental and social perspectives need to be taken into account. This includes the consideration of ergonomics and occupational health and safety in the design and operation of working environments. Innovative solutions in this direction are developed in projects like SAIFE (EIT, European funding) and Human centered factories (NWO, Dutch national funding).

Alicia Olo Martinez

Executive Committee Board Member. H&S Council. The Conference Board Corporate Director H&S at JTI SA
Alicia has been the Corporate Director H&S at JTI S.A., since November 2018. She contributed to JT ESG rating goals by improving 22 score points vs 2018 in the H&S section of DJSI 2019, becoming industry best. Successfully lead the COVID-19 crisis, taking a people-first approach that allowed JTI to maintain operations even at the peak of the pandemic, with a very limited impact on JTI employees.
In her previous position as Corporate Manager H&S at PMI S.A. she maintained LTI Rate below 0.1 (industry best) and decreased collision rate to 0.3.
Born and raised in a multi-ethnic, multicultural and multireligious family, Alicia has also lived and worked on different continents, which has given her the sensitivity to cultural diversity required to lead global roles. She also has extensive experience in mentoring women working in male-dominated industries.
Alicia is an MSc. Mining Engineer by education and started her career in heavy industry.

Sebastien Chaigneau

Sebastien Chaigneau is an expert in Occupational Health and Safety. He graduated from the first French engineering school in Prevention of Industrial Risks in 1999. He advised major French multinational companies such as Essilor (world leader in ophthalmic lenses), SPIE (European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications), Thales (Global organisation serving aerospace, space, ground transportation, defence and security, and digital security) and BIC (world leader in stationery, lighters and shavers). Today Sebastien leads the transformation and modernisation of HSE at Group level, creating and embedding best in class HS&E principles into BMI's culture. Seasoned to transformational management style he is driving cultural changes across continents and cultures as well as focusing on developing the competence of his HSE network.

Anthony Wareham

Highly Experienced Health Safety and Environmental Professional with extensive experience of managing HSE programmes for Multinational Manufacturing companies. Member of the Senior Management team responsible for ensuring integration of Health and Safety programmes into business strategy. Responsible for formulation of policy and strategy at Corporate level. Accustomed to managing teams in a culturally diverse global environment to deliver superior results that are integrated into the overall business strategy.

Marieke Bleyenbergh

Be Human – Be safe is AkzoNobel’s human performance approach to safety. Marieke loves to find solutions for challenges and is on a personal mission to put the people in the centre of how the business is run. As a chemical engineer, Marieke has 25 years international experience in Health, Safety & Environment, manufacturing operations, supply chain and change management. She worked in Chemicals and Refining in Shell in Germany, USA, the Netherlands and Singapore before she joined AkzoNobel in 2021.

Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford

I have two decades of experience in environment, health & safety, and quality (EHSQ) software, advisory and services. I have extensive experience in helping global companies to address their EHSQ & Sustainability challenges through the application of management best practice in combination with market-leading technology and consulting solutions.

Stephanie Haine

Stephanie Haines is the Senior Leader of Subscriber Development at Benchmark Digital Partners. She has worked in the field of EHS and Sustainability for over 10 years. She started her early career as a lobbyist, representing UK industry views on waste policy before focusing on management systems and EHS software over the last few years. She joined Benchmark Digital early in 2019, based in their London office to help grow their subscribers in Europe, as well as enhance their presence as a sustainability software vendor. She runs the Benchmark ESG customer working group to drive their product innovation in sustainability and recently earned a Masters at Cambridge University in Sustainable Business Leadership.

Mary Foley

Mary has 25+ years’ experience with a strong focus on technology enabled ESG/GRC services, specifically within environmental, health & safety compliance and consultancy.

Nevzat Atakli

Nevzat graduated from Sabancı University in 2008 and held a BS degree in Mechatronics Engineering. Nevzat started his career at Ford's R&D department as a Software Engineer. After two years of work, he started Trio Mobil with Baris. He is an experienced entrepreneur with a strong technical background in AI and IoT. He drives product, sales, and growth strategies. He is a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to leading Trio Mobil’s transformation as a global technology leader.

Yannick Loberger

Yannick has a 22 years’ experience in EHS Operations of L’Oréal.

2002-2016: Several EHS Management positions in L’Oréal Operations. Major expertise in Health and Safety risk analysis integrated in a very dynamic Safety Management approach. Drive EHS improvement & BBS Program that allows to reduce by 10 the number of accidents and 6 years without LTA - 500 employees. Built new labs and production units.

2016-2020: Corporate H&S Manager, support the deployment of transversal methods and tools to entrench further the safety culture (Constructive Challenge, Take 2, Safe@Work-Safe@Home). Lead Manager on Group EHS audits, training and process safety.

Since March 2020: EHS and Engineering Director Europe and Sub Saharan (80 Sites)

Background: Degree in safety engineering (Germany) and EHS Master Degree (France). Leardership and Safety Culture CEDEP Insead, Master Business Excellence Insead

International speaker: Axiom, Fleming Europe HSE Excellence, Marcus Evans, European HSE Management Forum 4.0, Industrial Safety WorX

Award : International RoSPA Gold Award

Claudio Salvador

Claudio Salvador, along with Filippo Bonifacio, is one of the co-founders of AME, which was founded in 1999. He holds a bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering with a specialisation in microwave antennas, and a PhD from the University of Florence. Claudio has been involved in the design of the microwave RFID identification systems since his time at university and has multiple international patents to his name. He also taught the Antenna and Microwave Theory course at the University of Florence as an Assistant Professor from 1998 to 2005. Safety & Security at the workplace is of special interest and at AME he has been instrumental in developing the EGOpro Safety which allows, through RFID technology, to reduce the risk of accidents in any operating environment.

Nancy De Prest

Nancy De Prest is a Corporate Health, Safety and Quality Director at Yara since 8 years. Before working at corporate level, she enjoyed being a HESQ manager in 2 production plants and for a period of 8 years, she also was Production manager at one of the biggest production plants in Yara. As HSQ director she is heavily involved in Incident and Risk management. She is specialized in performing corporate HESQ audits, with a big focus on continuous improvement. With her positive attitude and striving for transparency, she builds a lot of trust with her coworkers. Nancy enjoys reading a good book, but can also be found on the dance floor with her husband, dancing salsa.

Petra van Dieren

Female Leader | Leadership advocate | Safety, Health and Wellbeing Professional | Teacher, Guide, Facilitator, Coach, Trainer | Believing in the Power of Love!
Petra van Dieren, a Health and Safety professional with over 20 years of multinational experience, spearheads Heineken's Safety Leadership program. As a chemical engineer with degrees in Occupational Health and Psychology, she champions a holistic approach, emphasizing self-discovery and leading from within. Petra's intimate and thought-provoking style, described as reflective and personal, leaves participants inspired with new ideas. Passionate about unlocking individual potential for a safer, healthier life, Petra builds and develops programs that integrate body, mind, and soul. Her transformative leadership at Heineken includes pioneering the Safety Leadership Framework globally, guiding over 80 leadership teams, integrating KPIs, and establishing a Centre of Excellence, Petra is a catalyst for change, dedicated to leading a healthy, safe, and magical life. Connect with her to explore co-creating a world where everyone shines in their full brilliance!

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson serves as the Managing Director of International Business Development at MākuSafe, a leading company that provides safety technology solutions. His primary focus is to help global organizations improve employee safety, engagement, and productivity through the use of data-driven workplace wearables. Aaron has spent most of his career working in the high-tech manufacturing industry, gaining extensive experience with cutting-edge technologies. He is a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist and holds a Bachelor's degree in Communications from Moody in Chicago, as well as an MBA from Northwest Missouri State University.

Mary Foley

Mary Foley has over 25 years’ experience in strategy and risk and is currently a Forbes Contributor in their Money > Investing Section. She has been a part of the current Enhesa team since 2020 and initially worked with its fore runner when it was first established over 25 years ago. She is now the Expert Services Strategy Director responsible for delivering EHS and Sustainability global regulatory intelligence to multinational corporate clients.

Mary’s extensive experience covers consulting, certification and assurance (including ISO Standards), and SaaS services related to Risk Management specifically for EHS and Sustainability issues across a wide variety of sectors.

Mary graduated with a BSc and an M.Phil. in Mineral Surveying and EIA from the University of South Wales before working as an environmental scientist at GIBB Environmental (now Jacobs) where she became a Board Director for GIBB Ireland in 1999. In 2001, she joined ENGIE UK & Ireland as its Marketing Director where she spent 4 years before joining DNV in 2005, one of the world’s largest certification bodies, focusing on providing Business Assurance services for the oil & gas, manufacturing and software sectors. Mary then held the position of Strategic Account Director at Alcumus, working with food, retail, hospitality, property management and manufacturing sectors delivering SaaS based EHS risk services and, more recently she was the Strategic Account Director at Golder UK (now WSP Golder), responsible for strategic development within the firm’s Transaction and Compliance business unit.

Tobias Keller

15 years of experience in the field of machine, plant occupational safety. Currently sales responsible and business development coordinator at the tec.nicum of the Schmersal Group. Bachelor's degree in safety engineering and master’s degree in quality engineering. Functional Safety Engineer by TÜV Rhineland and Occupational Safety Specialist by DGUV. In addition, MCEExpert by TÜV Rhineland.

Remy Wierenga

Remy currently leads Health & Safety for the Refresco Group. Previously, Remy worked for various multinationals such as WestRock, Eaton, Archer Daniels Midland and General Electric in the field of Health, Safety and Environment. With 25+ years of experience in safety, Remy has found that the principles of Human and Organizational Performance have fundamentally changed his work. He uses these principles in coaching operational managers as well as training safety professionals. These principles are instrumental in creating a work environment in which safety is improved through collaboration and a proactive approach.

Filip Coumans

Filip has over 25 years of professional experience and spent the last 15 years working in the safety field. Sought after for his valuable insights, Filip has helped senior executives develop and execute strategic safety improvement initiatives based on behavioral, cultural, and leadership change, and led multiple global assessments. He has helped leaders at all levels develop not only meaningful strategies resulting in real and sustainable safety improvements, but also their individual role in supporting these initiatives and becoming stronger safety leaders through individual coaching.
• For the past 15 years, Filip has helped several global organizations headquartered in EMEA develop and implement strategies to create a step-change in their safety performance and culture.
• Most recently, he has been working with the senior and executive leadership teams of a global FMCG organization and a global Pharma organization, developing a comprehensive strategy to reduce Serious Injuries and Fatalities, and personally advising and coaching their executive leaders on how to become more effective safety leaders and how to improve their decision making.

Dirk Van de Walle

After 25 years in the Health & Safety environment I understand the power of well-being. During this period, I was a stakeholder for many years in occupational safety and explored the potential of the impact of behavior on this. More and more my interests were emerging towards the brain and psychological well-being. So, in this exploration period I co-designed the Well Being Indicator, an assessment tool to determine a high-level helicopter view of all domains in well-being within organisations.
After that I became a team leader of technical experts in occupational safety. Since 2020 the world switched to hypermode and we started our transformation to more customer centricity and digitization. In this setting right now I'm a team organiser in digitization, standardisation, innovation, R&D, people management business framework for building the future in our service model.

JJ van der Biij

JJ has been at Tate and Lyle leading their Environmental Health and Safety programme since 2017. Prior to that he worked at various GE companies and Sabic, responsible for digitization and process improvements and leading excellence strategies across EHS and Quality.

Francesco Sammartini

Accomplished Senior Executive with proven international experience accelerating revenue growth, market share and profitability for multi-million pound Small Electricals (SDA, Small Domestic Appliances) industry leaders. Francesco Sammartini joined AME in 2020 as Sales Director, after a long experience at De Longhi Group and Imetec, as Head of Export and Managing Director.

Morten Guld

Morten Guld has 30+ years of experience within Environment, Health & Safety, whereof 8 years as EHS manager in Novo Nordisk, the last 4 as head of the global Safety function. Mortens extensive experience covers all sides of the table, from a municipal environmental officer position through EHS Manager at a small R&D company and Senior Project Manager at a large Consultant to his present position with Novo Nordisk.
Morten is a result oriented manager, eager to implement sustainable health and safety improvements in the companies he work for. He knows that such results are best created in a close collaboration between employees, management and specialists. Since he joined Novo Nordisk many years ago to spearhead implementation of certified EHS management across the organization, Novo Nordisk has moved from having an average accident frequency performance to being amongst the leaders.
Novo Nordisk is growing fast these years and Morten and his team is currently strongly involved in HS in design and construction of new facilities/rebuilds as well as ensuring scalable processes and solutions, HS in M&As etc.

Hannah Yorke

An industry champion within Manufacturing with over four years of experience specialising in technology and innovation, Hannah is committed to helping working teams get better every day. Working with clients throughout Europe, Hannah has supported organisations to successfully deploy SafetyCulture’s workplace operations platform and deliver results including:

• Removing administrative burden and streamlining processes
• Digitising paper-based operational processes and improving worker communication
• Reducing time to resolution by capturing observations, near misses, hazards, or incidents in real time
• Drastically improving visibility through automation, helping leaders to surface vital insights and continuously improve every day
• Delivering process change and training with digitalisation and technological innovation, resulting in sustainable and long-term change

Throughout her tenure, Hannah has worked with hundreds of customers including Ikea, KLM, and Heineken. Hannah brings to the SafetyWorX unique client insights combined with diverse experience as a technology partner in the field of QSHE.

Sean Snyder

Sean Snyder is the Head of Partnerships and Alliances at Intenseye, focused on developing and nurturing its emerging ecosystem. He firmly believes that a robust ecosystem is pivotal for unparalleled customer value. An early addition to the industrial manufacturing unicorn, Augury, Sean played a pivotal role in forging partnerships with giants like Grundfos, Carrier, and Baker Hughes. His prior experience in sectors like Pulp and Paper, Chemical Manufacturing, and Power Generation instilled a passion for health and safety, leading him to Intenseye. Sean holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maine.

Christophe Tellier

Christophe started in MARS 26 years ago as HSE manager in one of French Mars factory (Royal Canin Cambrai). After 3 years he moved to Human Resources as HR project manager and as well as HSE manager of ROYAL CANIN industrial network. Then he move back in Supply in different positions, as plant manager in Argentina, South Africa and Brazil and finally leading operations (Commercial, Supply Chain and Quality & Food Safety) in LATAM for Royal Canin. 8 years ago Christophe took the Petcare HSE VP position to define and implement a new HSE strategy, and for the last 3 years, his scope was expanded to Food segment. Within his function Christophe also drives the sustainability for operations agenda in Petcare segment, focusing on solving the renewable thermal aspect mainly.